Stopping Telemarketers

STOP Telemarketing By using our software with the latest annoying number definitions loaded !!!        Get aFREE trial. it’s a true DO NOT CALL list. Stay current, update your definitions your phone will not even ring !!!  It can’t. Eradicating telemarketing, charities, political surveyors, collectors, non-profit organizations, SCAM artists and other undesirables.

Make money and demand they stop the old fashion way.

1) The next time the telemarketer calls, try to get them to tell you their name, the company they work for, and as much of that company’s info as you can charm out of them (you’ll need this to find their mailing address).

2) Then, invoke the TCPA (again, that’s the Telephone Consumer Protection Act), and ask the telemarketer to place you onto their Do Not Call list, and to be sent a copy of their Do Not Call policy.

3) If the calls stop, then you’ve won (because they’ve stopped calling you)! But if they do not, or if you do not receive a copy of their policy, then… you’ve still won ($$$). Record
every subsequent call—each one is worth $500 to you—then look up your loca Small Claims Court, fill out the 10 minutes of paperwork (usually online), and file a claim.

4) Once the company is notified of the suit, they will either send a representative to Small Claims Court or, very often, settle out of court to avoid an argument they can’t win.

5) Collect your compensation, and enjoy…