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A true DO NOT CALL list. Stay current, update your definitions to the latest annoying number database. Your phone won’t even ring. It can’t !!! Eradicating telemarketing, charities, political surveyors, non-profit organizations, SCAM artists and other  undesirables.


Fight Back Against Annoying Calls - If the annoying number is in the database your phone won’t even ring.  Download a free trial.


Caller Identification (ID)

If you have caller ID, a telemarketer is required to transmit or display its phone number and, if available, its name or the name and phone number of the company for which it is selling products. The  display must include a phone number that you can call during regular business hours to ask that the company no longer call you. This rule applies even if you have an EBR with the company, and even if you have not registered your home phone number(s) on the national Do-Not-Call list. Before these rules took effect, the words “private,” “out of area,” or “unavailable” might have appeared on the Caller ID display.


Caller ID Effects

Spoofing Caller ID




 Spoofing Caller ID

Truth in Caller ID Act


Is the Do Not Call List a list ?

Data hound collectors. Who are you calling and what is your bosses name. We are just updating our database. And your current Address is ?Blogwise Blogger  Telephony DAR&  Data Hound.

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Reverse cell phone lookup – Last 25 numbers dialed, frequent numbers called, incoming, outgoing, bill address information and more..

Largest cross search whoIs? database 

  • Accelerated Data Systems, Inc. – AdvantEdge software designed and developed by bill collectors.
  • Action Software Systems, Ltd. – UK firm offers a range of software solutions in the area of credit management, query management and customer complaints.
  • Adtec Software Ltd – Suppliers of software to the debt collection industry. Providing debt collection, credit management and on-line services software.
  • Advantage Credit – Provides custom software to banks and mortgage brokers for the purpose of creating in-file, merged and mortgage credit reports.
  • Affirmative Technologies, Inc. – Produces software to electronically collect NSF checks through the ACH.
  • Asset RMS – Provides a web-based collection system.
  • Austin Logistics – Develops productivity solutions for collections, marketing and risk management.
  • Better Business Partners, Inc. – Produces Credit Vision software which allows credit reporting agencies to process one, two or three bureau merged credit reports.
  • Chase Credit Systems and Research – Provides Internet-based solutions for credit reporting agencies.
  • The ClearStar Network – Provides software services and Internet sites to pre-employment screening, tenant screening and background investigation Companies.
  • Collection Data Systems – Windows andOracle software for collection agencies.
  • CollectionWorks – Windows based debt collection software for collection agencies, banks or retail.
  • ColumbiaUltimate – Products andservices that collection agencies, retail businesses, government agencies, insurance providers and medical facilities use to recapture revenue.
  • Compiforce,Ltd. – Debt collection and litigation software for debt collectors, bailiffs, enquiry agents and credit controllers.
  • Comtech Systems, Inc. – Collect! software designed for collection agencies and credit management.
  • Comtronic Systems – Provider of Debtmaster software solutions for the debt collection industry.
  • CRSoftware, Inc. – Develops software solutions for the collections and credit industries.
  • Credit Management Solutions, Inc. – Develops and provides software solutions and services, including a software-based online network, for automating consumer and small business credit analysis, decisioning and funding processes. (Nasdaq:
  • Credit Runner, Inc. – Provides businesses with a secure gateway to access consumer credit information via the Internet.
  • Credit Strategy – Offers a means of customizing and configuring Microsoft Access for use as credit management and collections software.
  • Creditnet Communications – Software for credit reporting agencies furnishing RMCR reports.
  • CreditSoft - Provides debt consolidation and management software systems for
    credit counseling agencies.
  • CyberResources Corporation – Produces CyberFinancial credit collection software.
  • DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. – Debt recovery software for collection agencies, medical facilities, utilities, and credit bureaus.
  • Data-Tel Info Solutions – Offering Caesar debt collection management software.
  • Desert Edge Technologies, Inc. – Credit reporting software for the automation of tenant screening, mortgage reporting, pre-employment screening. Access and merge all three credit bureaus.
  • Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. – Offers credit bureau access and credit decisions via the Internet. Products such as Credit Bureau Simulator, Summary Attributes, MegaMerge, and the Internet-based CreditAnalystTM.
  •,Inc. – Delivers credit risk management and collections software and services to Fortune 1000 companies and financial institutions.
  • Educational Computer Systems, Inc. – Produces a PC based student loan billing, collection and accounting system.
  • Efinance Corporation – Enables the real-time completion of online credit applications for financial institutions, vendors and manufacturers.
  • Fermat - Paris, France based firm offers risk monitoring and control tools
    for financial services companies.
  • GETPAID Corporation – Provides credit collection and deductions management software.
  • Howland International, Inc. – Offers credit and receivables software to used car dealers and loan specialists.
  • Hutchins Systems – Offers Credit Time 2000 software used for submitting credit information to the major credit bureaus.
  • Imagination Technologies, Inc. – Provides software used in pre-employment screening, tenant screening, background investigations and skiptracing.
  • Information Network – Provides Internet and Windows based Credit Decision and Merge Credit software utilizing XML, Java II and ActiveX technologies.
  • Intelligent Banking Solutions, Inc. – Produces Windows based Collections Management System and Asset Recovery Manager software packages to automate collection and banking processes.
  • ISI of Lisle – Automated credit and collection software for commercial, retail, medical and third party collections.
  • Jim Hubbard & Associates, Inc. - Debt collection software for law firms, collection agencies and in-house corporate collection departments.
  • JSTechnologies, Inc. – Collect-Max debt collection software for law offices.
  • JudgmentCalc - Web based utilities for calculating interest and payments on pre
    and post judgment accounts.
  • Lonestar Turnkey Systems, Ltd. – Provider of leading edge WinDebt software for the credit and collection industry.
  • Mani Systems, LLC – Software solutions firm specializing in credit processing systems.
  • Mercantile Systems – Australian firm provides debt management solutions for collection agencies, financial institutions, government agencies, insurance companies, mercantile agents and solicitors.
  • MERit Credit Systems, Inc. – Offers a credit server based software engine that makes it possible for Internet and in-house business systems to integrate credit report data from any of the three national credit repositories.
  • MeritSystems, Inc. – Sells Creditbase software that allows businesses to access credit reports.
  • MicroBilt Corporation – Windows based software for credit report retrieval.
  • Ontario Systems Corporation – Offers debt collection software, predictive dialers and document management systems.
  • Predator Credit Management Software – Provides software for credit management and debt collection throughout Europe. Site is available in several languages.
  • Profitera - Offers enterprise collections and revenue recovery, bad debt
    Management, legal and agency management and risk and scoring analysis solutions.
  • Quantrax Corporation, Inc. – Maker of Intelec, an AS/400 based artificial intelligence debt collection package.
  • Roydan Enterprises, Ltd. – Developers of Bloodhound collection management software, which includes features such as predictive dialers and check verification.
  • RZ Designs Software, Inc. – Produces Collections Management software as well as custom software solutions.
  • Secure Credit Server – Allows access to credit bureau data via the Internet.
  • The Service Bureau, LLC – Provider of Metro 2 software for reporting consumer account information to major credit reporting agencies.
  • Starmark Solutions – Resellers of client/server, Intranet and Internet debt collection and legal recoveries software applications for PC based networks.
  • System Innovators – Provides payment collection software for utilities and government.
  • Teledata Communications, Inc. – Manufactures terminals and Windows software to access credit bureau reports.
  • Uni-Source 2000, Inc. – Credit collection and recovery software for collection agencies and financial institutions.