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Welcome to WhyAreYouCalling.Us who’s mission is to eradicate telemarketing and other annoying calls. Are you getting annoyance calls? Post information on these calls, read what other’s are saying about them. Push to call them back and ask them some questions. Listen to other recorded questions asked. Push to record the call. Record yourself calling them back. Post your recording for others to listen. Subscribe to out service and stop your phone from ever ringing from these callers. Update your definitions. Stay current with the latest annoying number database. Eliminating all telemarketing, charities, political surveyors, non-profit organizations, SCAM artists and other undesirables. WhyAreYouCalling.Us ? We are a true DO NOT CALL list. because your phone won’t even ring. – It Can’t…

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Stopping Telemarketers, Debt Collectors and other Annoying Callers. WhyAreYouCalling.Us ? Did you receive a call ? who is using this phone number ?  Why don’t they say anything ?

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Find out who’s using this number post comments and more.. Data hound collectors. “Yes, we are just updating our database.”  You will be surprised how much information youcould collect just because someone answered. There’s a new round of telemarketing calls being made to cell phones.  I got that same phone call today. Appears that the same company is also placing calls. Sound familiar ? Building a better database link system – WhyAreYouCalling.Us ?

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